Stephen Curry wants to pick All-Star team; Kevin Durant does not

The Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant surprised absolutely no one by winning the 2017 NBA Title.

When the NBA announces the collection of 24 All-Stars, the leading vote-getter from the Eastern and Western Conference will serve as captains. Although Stephen Curry wants that honor, Kevin Durant would rather not choose a team.

Anthony Slater of The Athletic notes Durant said the change is fine but expressed his lack of desire to be in charge.

“I don’t want to do it. I’d rather somebody else do it. It’s cool to be an All-Star, but all the extra stuff … I just want to go play in the game. [The new format]’s cool, a different way, a creative way that’s good for the fans. But me, I’ll let somebody else pick the teams.”

Curry, on the other hand, said he’d be happy to “usher in the new system,” which would be like picking a team at the playground. Boys and girls all over the country organize teams at recess, in gym class or at the park the same way throughout the year.

Fortunately for Durant, he’s narrowly trailing his teammate.

As of the second voting update, Curry has received 1,369,658 votes compared to 1,326,059 for Durant. That 44,000-vote margin isn’t much, but it would be more than enough to ensure Curry serves as the captain representing the Western Conference.

Durant has nearly doubled up the No. 2 player in the West’s frontcourt, so don’t be surprised if he starts campaigning for Curry.