Stephen Curry Offers Touching Reminder That Basketball Means Very Little

Courtesy of USA Today Images

The 2015 NBA Finals is upon us, and starting Thursday night, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry’s starpower will be on full display.

But during media availability on Wednesday, Curry stopped scorching the net for a brief moment and instead pulled on some heartstrings. The All-Star guard responded to a question about the impact his daughter Riley has in his life, and the response was touching.

Via a video posted by the Warriors Twitter account, Curry said:

“She’s gonna be happy to see me when I get home, and that kinda makes everything all right,” Curry said. “I rarely ever have a bad day, regardless of what happens on the court, and it just gives you something more than basketball to play and live for, and it’s pretty special.”

After Riley crashed a postgame press conference during the Western Conference Finals and delightfully stole the show, multiple members of the NBA media—nonsensically—criticized Curry for allowing his daughter to roam around the podium.

Curry has handled the situation admirably, ignoring the idea that he shouldn’t spend time with Riley after games. I mean, come on. Look at this.

Curry also offered a comical notion about how Riley is helping him prepare for the Finals matchup with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Riley, I hope we see you after every game, win or loss. Because despite what it feels like some days, life is about family, not sports.

Good on you, Steph.

Photo: USA Today Sports