Stephen Curry to Craig Sager: ‘You’re an inspiration for us’

The Golden State Warriors didn’t have that normal hop to their step in a close win over the Washington Wizards on Tuesday — the team’s 67th victory of the season.

There are excuses for this. Teams don’t get up for every game, especially against opponents with losing records. We’re into the final two weeks of the regular season, and fatigue starts to set in.

None of this compares in any way to the fatigue that TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager is currently dealing with.

See, Sager is fighting for his life. Just recently hit with the news that his cancer is no longer in remission, Sager’s long-term prognosis is not good.

While battling Leukemia, the veteran sideline reporter has decided to remain active around the NBA scene — something that can be seen as an inspiration to those he’s chatted it up with over the years.

Immediately following Golden State’s win over Washington on Tuesday, Sager interviewed reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry.

It’s a moment that will give you chills:

When posed with a question about whether or not he was tired at this late point in the season, Curry responded:

“Seeing you, and doing what you’re doing,” Curry said. “I mean we got no excuses. So, you’re an inspiration for us to keep doing what we’re doing, keep fighting … that’s the mentality we have, and it’s kinda contagious, so thank you.”

This is just the latest in a long line of players, former co-workers and coaches to come out in support of Sager as he battles the toughest test of his life.

Earlier in the game, Washington Wizards head coach Randy Wittman paid tribute to Sager in an in-game interview. This comes on the heels of the great Gregg Popovich, known for his on-court interviews, paying his respects to the veteran broadcaster.

It’s times like these that we fully understand the NBA is a fraternity. And while the game itself means a lot to these players, it’s nowhere near as important as life itself.