Stephen Curry comments on three-point streak ending at 157 games

Stephen Curry is one of the most consistent pure shooters in the history of the NBA, but even he has an off night now and again. In a losing effort Friday night, the NBA’s three-point king failed to make one single splash from behind the arc, ending a 157-game streak.

After the game, he was asked about what it feels like knowing the streak is over. Here’s what he had to say:

Curry went 0-for-10 Friday night from behind the three-point line as the Warriors were pummeled by the surprisingly competitive Los Angeles Lakers, 117-97.

He wasn’t the only Warriors shooter to go cold at Staples Center. Klay Thompson went 2-for-10, and the Warriors as a whole went 5-for-32 on the night. A team that lives and dies by the three, it’s no wonder Golden State failed miserably to beat the Lakers on this night.

Now at 4-2 on the season, the Warriors clearly still have some work to do integrating Kevin Durant into the lineup so that the entire offense is a well-oiled machine. With plenty of time left to iron out the kinks, we’re betting this team will be a big factor once the playoffs roll around.