Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook co-favorites to win MVP

Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook sure like going up against one another on the court. That will only be magnified in 2016-17 with Westbrook’s former Oklahoma City teammate Kevin Durant joining Curry with the Golden State Warriors.

We can now add another layer to what promises to be a heated rivalry moving forward.

According to the respected Vegas betting site Bovada, Curry and Westbrook are co-favorites to take home the NBA MVP next season (h/t CSN Bay Area).

They both currently boast 15-to-4 odds to bring home the trophy — an honor Curry himself has won each of the past two seasons.

In a nice little twist, Durant finds himself in the top five with 8-to-1 odds. Meanwhile LeBron James comes in at third behind the two points guards with Anthony Davis’ odds set a tad higher than Durant’s.

There’s an interesting dynamic in play here. With Durant now in Oakland, can Curry even be considered the top MVP candidate? Even if the Warriors were to win 70-plus games once again, having a former MVP on the roster would mitigate that accomplishment from a micro perspective.

Then again, Westbrook has his own issues to deal with. In order to be considered top MVP candidate, your team needs to be among the best in the Association. With Durant now on the Warriors, it remains to be seen if the Thunder are actually an elite team out west.

In any event, you should have your popcorn out in bulk this fall. The NBA is going to be extremely interesting. These latest MVP odds only add to that.