Stephen A. Smith blasted for proposing absurd Lakers trade

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen A. Smith has been known to have some crazy ideas and controversial opinions, especially when it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers. He delivered one of his most absurd ideas on Tuesday, a trade proposal that had the NBA world laughing.

When discussing what moves the Lakers must make to improve this season, Smith came up with a proposal that was beyond absurd. He suggested the Lakers can trade Kyle Kuzma, some secondary bench pieces and a draft pick to acquire Phoenix Suns star guard Devin Booker.

It’s a proposal that wouldn’t even fly in NBA 2K, let alone real life. If he was the Lakers general manager and he called the Suns with that offer, they would laugh at him uncontrollably until they ran out of breath. Of course, even in a fantasy world were Phoenix was interested, the salary cap exists in the NBA and it would prevent the Lakers from making this move.

There’s a very high bar for Stephen A. Smith to clear in terms of his wild thinking, like his thoughts on Jerry West, but this is right up there with one of his worst takes ever.

As soon as basketball fans heard the words come out of Smith’s mouth, they quickly responded by trolling ESPN’s NBA analyst and having plenty of fun at his expense.