Steelers reportedly rejected significantly better Pats’ trade offer for Antonio Brown

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots were reportedly one of the teams in on the Antonio Browns sweepstakes and offered much more than what the Pittsburgh Steelers ended up getting from the Oakland Raiders.

According to Ian Rapoport, who spoke on the matter Monday morning on NFL Network, the Patriots offered the Steelers a second- and fourth-round pick for Brown. Ultimately, the Steelers rejected that offer, taking a third- and fifth-round pick from Oakland, instead.

In no way is this a shocking revelation. Pittsburgh had been rumored to be against sending Brown to any true rival. Additionally, from the Steelers’ perspecitve, sending him to New England would have been the equivalent sending a problem employee on an all-expenses-paid vacation to a luxury island.

Still, it’s not hard to imagine how good the Tom Brady/Antonio Brown dynamic could have been for a short while, if the Steelers had really been all about looking ahead to the future.