Steelers owner: Oakland doesn’t have to match Las Vegas’ offer for Raiders

It appears that there’s some pushback from the NFL and its power players regarding a potential move of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas.

With the state of Nevada signing into law $750 million in public financing to help build a stadium for the Raiders in the desert metropolis, most figured the Raiders would be on their way out of Northern California.

Apparently, that’s not the case.

Fresh off a report from The Washington Post indicating that league approval for relocation isn’t etched into stone, comes some rather interesting comments from Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney II.

Essentially, Rooney hinted (h/t Pro Football Talk) that the city of Oakland wouldn’t necessarily have to match the $750 million Nevada approved in order to keep the Raiders.

Rooney’s stance differs somewhat from what his colleagues indicated just a couple short months ago (more on that here).

It’s possible now that the reality of the Raiders potentially moving to Las Vegas is real, owners around the NFL are having second thoughts.

Market size, a relationship with casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and the prevalence of gambling in Nevada. All of these issues could come to the forefront between now and a potential league-wide vote on relocation.

For now, not a single owner has publicly decried that potential of the Raiders relocating. And in reality, the city of Oakland doesn’t seem willing to come anywhere near that $750 million price tag to keep its team.

Still, this growing sense of apprehension should be of concern for proponents of the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, owner Mark Davis included.