Staggering Ratings for Royals-A’s Playoff Game

If you weren’t caught up in the drama that the American League Wild Card brought to the television from Kansas City on Tuesday, you’re probably not human.

It was an amazing extra-innings affair between two teams battling for their playoff lives. In the end, the Kansas City Royals defeated the Oakland Athletics in one of the greatest playoff games we have seen in years.

And in Kansas City, a city that hasn’t seen playoff baseball in nearly three decades, everyone was tuned in (almost literally).

Considering the final moments of the game took place after midnight eastern, these are some staggering numbers right here. And we can pretty much draw a conclusion that ratings were pretty high in the Bay Area too, where A’s fans witnessed yet another postseason implosion.

Baseball may never reach the popularity of football again, but these numbers just go to show you that Bud Selig and Co. knew exactly what they were doing when they added that second wild card team.

Photo: Chicago Tribune