St. Louis TV station burns Rams COO Kevin Demoff: ‘Professional liar’

The city of St. Louis still has plenty of hard feelings towards the Los Angeles Rams. The city’s Fox affiliate, Fox 2 News, made that perfectly clear with a graphic designed for team COO Kevin Demoff.

People in St. Louis have every right to be angry with how the Rams treated the city. Strong efforts were made to keep the team but the front office, led by Stan Kroenke, almost went out of its way to be antagonistic.

If nothing else, this is certainly a way to appeal to the viewing audience of St. Louis. The people in St. Louis can also take some comic relief in what’s happened to the Rams during the season — specifically over the last few weeks.

While it was signed earlier in the season, Los Angeles announced in Week 13 that it had extended coach Jeff Fisher. Following Week 14, Fisher was fired. While the Rams left St. Louis with plenty of hurt feelings and broken hearts, they’re not doing much to make anyone miss them right now.