Report: St. Louis Cardinals Want David Price

The Tampa Bay Rays know they are going to lose David Price before the trade deadline passes. Teams are lining up, trying to gather intel, measuring it against their assets and finalizing their proposals for the Rays to review. How much is too much for David Price without a long-term commitment? That’s what the Cardinals are asking themselves.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has been spewing out some great MLB nuggets lately. In this most recent piece, Cafardo suggests the Cardinals would give up what the Rays need if they can get long-term commitment from Price. Here’s Cafardo’s quote:

Would Price ever sign with the Mariners long term? The Mariners don’t view it as an issue because they would have Price for the remainder of this year and next. The Cardinals have shown interest but would want a financial commitment, according to a major league source. Don’t rule out the Giants, who also have had interest in Ben Zobrist to solve their second base situation.

If I’m David Price, I take that deal trying not have a sh*t grin on my face on my way out.

Photo: craveonline.com

Photo: craveonline.com

Pitching in the National League. Pitching for one of the best franchises in baseball (and potentially in all of sports). Financial stability. No big deal, that’s just the dream of anyone who has ever played or enjoyed baseball since the beginning of time.
The Cardinals are expected to be big players on the “buyer” side as the deadline approaches. After Price, there’s a steep decline in top-tier starting pitching talent. For what Price brings to any rotation, the Cardinals could be one of those teams who see the value in winning, while giving up some top prospects in the process.
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