Spurs fan tricks Zaza Pachulia into taking pic, sneaks in the bird

Spurs fan lawsuit, Zaza Pachulia

Zaza Pachulia is still very much public enemy No. 1 when it comes to San Antonio Spurs fans. They still haven’t forgiven him for taking out Kawhi Leonard during the playoffs.

This was clearly seen Tuesday night in San Antonio, when the following sign was spotted at WWE’s Smackdown.

Though, you’d think the sentiment would be reversed by folks residing in Northern California.

Pachulia was taking in a San Jose Earthquakes game Tuesday night when he was approached by a fan who wanted a picture. Of course he happily obliged. But what Pachulia didn’t know is that the fan,¬†Arthur Cervantes, was an undercover Spurs fan.

As such, he took it upon himself to covertly flip Pachulia the bird in the picture.

“He didn’t notice or else I’m sure he would have been upset,” the 26-year-old told¬†mySA.com.

No kidding.

Spurs fans have gone to great lengths to express their hatred of Pachulia, including a frivolous lawsuit that attempted to keep him out of San Antonio. It seems he’ll still be on their radar for quite some time now, and it’ll be interesting to see just how far this extends into the future.