Sportsnaut NFL Pick’em: Week 4

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers after beating the Cincinnati Bengals in NFL Week 3
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The insanity of last week’s football rocked this pool. We now have a tie for first place, with three of our experts staring down below-.500 records. Here are Sportsnaut’s NFL picks for Week 4.

Bears at Packers

Michael Dixon: Packers -7

Rachel Wold: Bears +7

Jesse Reed: Bears +7

David Kenyon: Packers -7

Vincent Frank: Packers -7

Ethan Sears: Bears +7

Dolphins vs Saints (neutral site)

Michael Dixon: Dolphins +3

Rachel Wold: Saints -3

Jesse Reed: Saints -3

David Kenyon: Saints -3

Vincent Frank: Saints -3

Ethan Sears: Dolphins +3

Panthers at Patriots

Michael Dixon: Patriots -9

Rachel Wold: Patriots -9

Jesse Reed: Patriots -9

David Kenyon: Panthers +9

Vincent Frank: Patriots -9

Ethan Sears: Patriots -9

Rams at Cowboys

Michael Dixon: Rams +6

Rachel Wold: Cowboys -6

Jesse Reed: Rams +6

David Kenyon: Rams +6

Vincent Frank: Rams +6

Ethan Sears: Rams +6

Lions at Vikings***


Titans at Texans

Michael Dixon: Titans -1.5

Rachel Wold: Titans -1.5

Jesse Reed: Texans +1.5

David Kenyon: Titans -1.5

Vincent Frank: Titans -1.5

Ethan Sears: Texans +1.5

Jaguars at Jets

Michael Dixon: Jaguars -3.5

Rachel Wold: Jaguars -3.5

Jesse Reed: Jaguars -3.5

David Kenyon: Jaguars -3.5

Vincent Frank: Jaguars -3.5

Ethan Sears: Jets +3.5

Bengals at Browns

Michael Dixon: Browns +3

Rachel Wold: Bengals -3

Jesse Reed: Bengals -3

David Kenyon: Bengals -3

Vincent Frank: Bengals -3

Ethan Sears: Browns +3

Steelers at Ravens

Michael Dixon: Ravens +3

Rachel Wold: Steelers -3

Jesse Reed: Steelers -3

David Kenyon: Ravens +3

Vincent Frank: Steelers -3

Ethan Sears: Ravens +3

Bills at Falcons

Michael Dixon: Falcons -8

Rachel Wold: Bills +8

Jesse Reed: Falcons -8

David Kenyon: Falcons -8

Vincent Frank: Bills +8

Ethan Sears: Falcons -8

Giants at Buccaneers

Michael Dixon: Buccaneers -3

Rachel Wold: Giants +3

Jesse Reed: Giants +3

David Kenyon: Buccaneers -3

Vincent Frank: Giants +3

Ethan Sears: Buccaneers -3

Eagles at Chargers

Michael Dixon: Eagles +1.5

Rachel Wold: Eagles +1.5

Jesse Reed: Chargers -1.5

David Kenyon: Eagles +1.5

Vincent Frank: Chargers -1.5

Ethan Sears: Eagles +1.5

49ers at Cardinals

Michael Dixon: 49ers +7

Rachel Wold: 49ers +7

Jesse Reed: 49ers +7

David Kenyon: 49ers +7

Vincent Frank: 49ers +7

Ethan Sears: 49ers +7

Raiders at BroncosĀ 

Michael Dixon: Broncos -2.5

Rachel Wold: Broncos -2.5

Jesse Reed: Raiders +2.5

David Kenyon: Broncos -2.5

Vincent Frank: Raiders +2.5

Ethan Sears: Broncos -2.5

Colts at Seahawks

Michael Dixon: Colts +13

Rachel Wold: Colts +13

Jesse Reed: Seahawks -13

David Kenyon: Colts +13

Vincent Frank: Seahawks -13

Ethan Sears: Colts +13

Redskins at Chiefs

Michael Dixon: Chiefs -7

Rachel Wold: Redskins +7

Jesse Reed: Chiefs -7

David Kenyon: Redskins +7

Vincent Frank: Chiefs -7

Ethan Sears: Chiefs -7


Michael Dixon: 23-23-1
Rachel Wold: 16-30-1
David Kenyon: 18-28-1
Jesse Reed: 21-25-1
Vincent Frank: 24-22-1
Ethan Sears: 24-22-1
***Sam Braford’s status was still in doubt until late Thursday afternoon, so not all of Sportsnaut’s experts were able to pick this game in time. Therefore, we will post our picks for Lions-Vikings on Twitter this Sunday before the game.