Sixers unveil Markelle Fultz jersey number

Philadelphia 76ers rookie Markelle Fultz now has a jersey number, which the franchise revealed on Twitter Monday.

Before we share, would you care to venture a guess?

During his lone season at Washington, the talented point guard wore No. 20. But is that the one he’s landed on for the next phase of his career?

Nope. Fultz has gone with a number that’s been long valued by ancient cultures and religions.

Is your interest sufficiently piqued yet?

Here we go. Fultz will be wearing the number…

We must say, the way his last name tapers down into the seven is very sexy. It’s like an elongated triangle (though we hope to God the Sixers don’t take that literally) that catches the eye in a favorable way.

Now that he’s got his number, Fultz has some big promises to live up to. He’s made it clear that the Sixers can start winning now that he’s on board.

While we love his confidence and the talent Philly has assembled, we’re not convinced this team is ready to post a winning season just yet. But in the years to come? Absolutely. The Process has finally yielded a team that should be competitive for years to come.