Six big-name NFL free agents most likely to bust

We could have very well just witnessed Glennon’s coming out party.

Every single year, executives take risks by bringing in NFL free agents who they believe will significantly help their franchises improve. And every single year, a new crop of NFL free agency busts is sewn.

It sometimes takes a couple years for the crop to show itself as such, but in some cases we know almost instantly that certain players should have never landed their lucrative deals. The most crystal-clear example of this occurred last year when the Houston Texans overpaid quarterback Brock Osweiler and by Week 3 we all knew it had been a huge mistake.

Who are this year’s biggest potential busts?

We start with an offensive tackle who is coming off a major injury and who was never all that good to begin with, yet who also somehow just landed a huge new deal to protect a franchise passer.