Sheldon Richardson escapes felony charges for recent arrest

By Jesse Reed

Sheldon Richardson will not be charged with any felonies stemming from his recent arrest for evading police, endangering a child and a “fresh odor” of marijuana after a high-speed chase.

This doesn’t mean the prosecutor in this case, Tim Lohmar, believes Richardson is innocent of the felony charges, however. Lohmar has come to the conclusion that he cannot follow through with proving Richardson endangered a 12-year-old child or that marijuana had literally just been smoked in Richardson’s 2014 Bentley.

“Our role is to take a look at the evidence that we know we have and say, given that, are we going to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed this felony?” Lohmar told The New York Post in a phone interview. “The plain and simple answer to you is when we had all the facts in front of us, we thought we’re going to have a tough time proving this beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Lohmar didn’t specifically address the issue of child endangerment, but The Post notes it’s possible the child is a relative of Richardson’s and that the family might not cooperate.

In essence, the prosecution in this case believes Richardson endangered the child, believes there was marijuana being smoked in the car, which was clocked as high as 143 miles per hour, but knows it’s unlikely those offenses can be proved “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“There were no drugs found in the car, but anybody who takes a look at the situation knows what’s going on there,” Lohmar said. “The odor, according to the officer, was such that it was a fresh odor. The weed had just burned.”

So now, because the prosecution cannot prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Richardson is guilty of his unbelievably irresponsible and reprehensible acts, he will get off with misdemeanors for resisting arrest and traffic violations.

Likely, this means he’s going to stay on New York’s roster, receive a slap-on-the wrist fine and/or suspension and be back playing for Gang Green at some point during the 2015 season.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports