Shannon Sharpe destroys Kelvin Benjamin: ‘You ate yourself out of a job’

The backlash over his comments about former teammate Cam Newton continues to be intense for Buffalo Bills receiver Kelvin Benjamin.

As you’re likely aware, Benjamin took some serious shots at his former quarterback over the weekend, essentially saying he would have had a much better start to his career with any other quarterback than Newton.

There’s been a lot said by a lot of people about Benjamin’s comments, and Newton himself has responded a couple of times.

Now comes an utterly devastating series of haymakers thrown by Hall of Fame tight end and current FS1 personality Shannon Sharpe, who went to town on Benjamin on Monday.

“I just want to know when guys are going to take responsibility and accountability for what’s going on in their lives,” Sharpe said. “Was it Cam’s fault that Kelvin showed up at 280-plus pounds as a wide receiver?”

Then he delivered the coup de grace, saying, “The buffet was a bad fit, because you ate yourself out of a job in Carolina.”

Sharpe also pointed out quite astutely that Newton actually won the NFL MVP award in 2015, which was the season Benjamin missed entirely due to his torn ACL.

It’s also worth pointing out that, in the seasons before and after that, Benjamin hauled in 136 passes for 1,949 yards and 16 touchdowns as well, playing with Newton.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Benjamin fares in Buffalo, where accuracy might just be lacking in the years to come.