Seven most awkward NFL quarterback situations in 2017

By Rachel Wold

Many teams have their ducks in a row when it comes to the quarterback position. But not all franchises are so fortunate, as not every NFL quarterback is created equal.

Some teams are in transition, having recently drafted rookies they hope will develop into starters. Though nobody plans it out like this, sometimes out with the old and in with the new makes things awkward in the locker room.

Other teams that didn’t draft a quarterback will hold quarterback competitions with a patchwork cast of signal callers who have been recycled throughout the league like unwanted paper waste. At least they have jobs.

Then there is the perplexing question: Why is Brock Osweiler employed, while Colin Kaepernick is not?

These are among the most awkward quarterback situations as we look ahead to the 2017 NFL season.