Seth Curry reminds us he can ball too

By Vincent Frank

There was a time a while ago when Seth Curry was the more famous of the two Curry brothers. At least in Durham, North Carolina.

That time surely has passed as the older Curry has taken over the mantle as the most popular member of this ultra-talented family.

Though, it now appears that Seth is prepared to make Stephen work to retain this belt.

Seeing increased playing time for the Sacramento Kings, the younger of the two Curry phenoms has lit up California’s capital city.

Following Monday’s 20-point, 15-assist performance in a win over the Phoenix Suns, Seth continues to make the most of his increased playing time. He’s averaging 17.5 points and 5.3 assists while shooting 57 percent from three-point range in six April games.

He’s also doing a bit of the Curry in the process:

And …

This is all so freaky. It’s almost like Stephen and Seth are brothers in a basketball family. Amazing.

We have no idea whether Seth’s late-season surge in Sacramento will lead to him dominating anywhere near the level we have seen from his brother and the reigning NBA MVP.

What we do know is that Seth is finally being given an opportunity in the Association — something that simply didn’t happen up to this point in his young career.

And while no one will say that Mike Krzyzewski’s Duke Blue Devils didn’t make a mistake by failing to offer Stephen a scholarship, we now know what the program saw in the younger brother.