Seattle Seahawks Reportedly Close to New Deal with LB Bobby Wagner

With nothing doing on the Russell Wilson contract front, the Seattle Seahawks are reportedly working hard to secure another franchise cornerstone in linebacker Bobby Wagner.

This news comes by way of Rand Getlin of NFL Network who reports the two sides are working toward a deal and that there is “optimism it may be done before camp.”

Getlin also added this:

“Negotiations between Wagner and the team have been very active. Both sides working to ensure he is in Seattle for the foreseeable future.”

Smart move.

General manager John Schneider knows his team’s success is predicated on maintaining its dominant status defensively.

Regardless of how much anyone thinks Wilson should be paid like a top quarterback, the truth of the matter is the Seahawks win games by running the ball and shutting other team out on the defensive side of the ball.

Thus it’s not surprising at all that Wagner is being given preferential treatment as it pertains to getting a big contract extension.

And you can bet it’s going to be big.

Wagner is certainly a top-three inside linebacker, and he will be paid like one. And, looking at the other top-paid inside linebackers, that means Wagner is due to sign a 5-or 6-year deal that’s over $50 million, with roughly $20-25 million guaranteed.

He’s worth it, too.

Wagner is a tackling machine. He’s as fast as running backs and hits like a tank, is adept at rushing the passer and has a knack for getting into passing lanes.

He is just as critical to Seattle’s success as Richard Sherman or Earl Thomas, and the Seahawks are smartly attempting to lock him up for the foreseeable future.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports