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Seattle Seahawks have done homework on QB Jimmy Garoppolo, trade would be ‘tricky’

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is the lone domino left standing in the NFL trade carousel. As the 2022 NFL season closes in, it appears there might be one potential landing spot remaining for the veteran signal-caller.

The 49ers entered the offseason believing Garoppolo would be gone by now. After setting a high asking price for their starting quarterback, San Francisco didn’t initially find the offer they wanted. Expecting that to change once the top quarterbacks came off the market, Garoppolo’s trade market suddenly tanked after he underwent shoulder surgery.

It meant he couldn’t throw a football until July and any team acquiring him would need to limit his reps in training camp. At a crucial time of year when he needs to be picking up a new offense and developing chemistry with wide receivers, it dealt a massive blow to his trade value.

  • Jimmy Garoppolo stats (2021): 68.3% completion rate, 3,810 yards, 20-12 TD-INT, 98.7 QB rating

ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler reported on SportsCenter that Garoppolo is on the verge of being cleared to throw. With the medial green light imminent, the Seahawks are reportedly among the few teams still with interest in him.

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“Internally, they have discussed the possibility of Garoppolo playing for them. They’ve done their film work to see how he would fit. Tricky certainly to do a trade inside the NFC West, but the 40ers and Seattle know they can maybe wait this out.”

Jeremy Fowler on SportsCenter regarding Seattle Seahawks interest in JJimmy Garoppolo

Will the 49ers trade Jimmy Garoppolo?

NFL: NFC Championship-San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams
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San Francisco likely hoped the Carolina Panthers would remain in the market for Garoppolo, avoiding a situation with a division rival being the lone suitor realistically left on the table. While keeping the 30-year-old quarterback could be an option, it’s not a financially viable one for the front office.

The Seahawks are committed to quarterback Trey Lance as their starter this season and are redesigning their offense around the 2021 first-round pick. While Garoppolo would be an excellent backup, contenders can’t afford to devote $26.95 million of their cap space to a player who will not see the field if the season unfolds as the team hopes.

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Seattle feels no pressure right now to make a push for Garoppolo. In a rebuilding year, it’s perfectly happy to stick with Drew Lock and Geno Smith and helping a rival out of a situation it created is highly unlikely.

While the 49ers are expressing a willingness to be patient right ow, seeing if another NFL team loses a quarterback due to injury, that outcome is improbable.

In the end, unless Garoppolo volunteers to take a pay cut to remain in San Francisco, the 49ers will likely have to reach a buyout with him. Once that happens, a handful of NFL teams will likely be very interested in signing him before the regular season begins.

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