Sean McDermott has perfect way to describe preparing for Patriots

By Rachel Wold

Twice a year, the Buffalo Bills must play Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, like it or not. The first matchup between these two franchises this season takes place in Week 13 when Bills head coach Sean McDermott must prepare to host New England.

From this comment made by McDermott, we can ascertain he is not too thrilled about Sunday’s upcoming game.

The Patriots have been a headache for AFC East teams for the better part of two decades. New England has not lost a game since Week 4 and is in top form at this late point of the season.

On the Bills’ side, after a major quarterback-shuffling debacle, the team finally snapped its three-game losing streak against Kansas City on Sunday.

Though, McDermott must now prepare to compete against Bill Belichick’s well-oiled machine. In Week 12, the Patriots just held the Miami Dolphins to 17 points and 221 total yards.

We wish McDermott the best in his first official tango with his AFC East “headache.”