Seahawks WR’ Doug Baldwin not Happy with Offense

By Vincent Frank

The Seattle Seahawks put up a horrendous display on the offensie side of the ball in their 30-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. They tallied just 206 yards and nine first downs while converting on 5-of-13 third-down opportunities.

For his part, Doug Baldwin hauled in two catches for 32 yards on three targets.

Never at a loss for words, Baldwin sounded off following the lackluster overall team performance.

While Baldwin did have some words for Russell Wilson during the game, he wasn’t calling out one specific player, which is something he’s always avoided since his days at Stanford. Instead, the receiver was focusing on the unit in general. I wouldn’t take this as something being off in the Seahawks locker room. They have to be frustrated by a 3-2 early-season record.

Baldwin stood up in the locker room and pointed to the entire offense as being one of the reasons the team has struggled out of the gate. And to be honest, that shows leadership.