Seahawks’ WR Doug Baldwin Not Buying Pete Carroll’s Comments

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin doesn’t seem to be buying into Pete Carroll’s notion that players should honor their contracts. His disagreement is based on teams being able to release players when they’re still under contract. This disagreement comes at a time when Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is holding out from camp.

Lynch has been a no-show and is holding out on attending training camp as a statement to the team that he wants more money. Carroll shared these comments about the Lynch holdout as reported by USA Today Sports.

It’s a contract for a reason. We made a decision and it was signed, by us and by them. We expect them to honor their contract just as we will. We’re going to honor it and we expect them to do the same.

Apparently these comments don’t sit right with Baldwin, who had this to say in Twitter (via NFL.com).

I hate the ‘but you signed the contract’ argument. Players can’t say that (expletive) when organizations cut them.

There are many reasons as to why the Seahawks won’t offer Lynch more money, this isn’t one. And Baldwin isn’t buying it. However, from what it appears at this time, Seahawks’ general manager John Schneider doesn’t look like he’s planning to improve Lynch’s cash flow.

This must be even more irritating to Lynch, especially in the light of the Jamaal CharlesĀ receiving an extension.

We will just have to see what side, if any, caves first in Lynch’s holdout.

Photo:Ā ESPN.com