Seahawks OL Germain Ifedi gets into Twitter war with analysts over rankings

It’s not exactly a secret that Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman Germain Ifedi was a turnstile this past year. Therefore it was hardly surprising when he was ranked No. 42 out of 49 by Bleacher Report’s NFL1000 team.

Well, it wasn’t surprising to anyone but Ifedi himself, we should say. The offensive tackle took to Twitter to question one of the analysts, and it ended up turning into an interesting Twitter spat, if I do say so myself.


Not surprisingly, the analyst responded. And he was actually very cordial about it. Though, Ifedi didn’t exactly play along in response.


Ifedi dug himself an even deeper hole next, writing, “I’m not tryna be an ass just want to help you be better at what you are attempting to do as a career. You lose credibility putting bulls*** out there.”

“Attempting.” Got it, Ifedi.

Of course, some folks who saw this exchange had no problem chiming in, including former NFL lineman Geof Schwartz, who now plies his trade as an analyst.

And, of course, Ifedi had something to say to Schwartz, too.

Sufficed to say, this did not go well for Ifedi, who would have been well advised to bench his phone, rather than throw a fit for the world to see. Let this be a lesson to us all: Know when to log off Twitter.