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New York Jets’ Sauce Gardner burns cheesehead, makes plea to Aaron Rodgers

It was just this past Tuesday that Sauce Gardner, the hands-down NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, made a promise to Aaron Rodgers that he would burn the cheesehead he so famously wore last season at Lambeau Field if the Packers quarterback were to be traded to the New York Jets.

It was funny and it was harmless. It was also a staunch reminder of the Jets’ 27-10 drubbing of the Packers last season, a game that highlighted all the great things Gardner, Breece Hall, and Co. are capable of doing when healthy.

Oh, and the other promise was that Sauce would not pick Rodgers off in practice, serving as a not-so-subtle reminder of the lockdown corner’s staggering confidence.

But let’s not kid ourselves. This has been a strong and loud recruitment of Rodgers, with front men Sauce Gardner, Hall, and Garrett Wilson making their collective desire to play with No. 12 crystal clear.

To little surprise, it only took two days for the always-inventive Sauce to level up on the promises and actually burn the cheesehead.

Preemptively, of course, as no deal is in place with Rodgers and the Jets just yet.

The commentary in general from the trio was thoroughly entertaining. Hall and Wilson got to talking about the type of opportunities they would see if Rodgers becomes the New York Jets quarterback while Sauce was busy marveling at how the cheesehead turned into “cheese sauce” after being burned, and the great regret in not bringing “S’mores.”

Just superb stuff.

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Sauce Gardner wants Aaron Rodgers to lock in and come win a Super Bowl

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But then, well, then things got a little more real.

“I need you to lock in. I need you to come here so we can win a Super Bowl.”

And there it is. The sincere plea from Sauce Gardner that — for Jets fans — hopefully tips the scales in seeing this deal go through.

There was also mention of it being a package deal. Specifically, as Sauce said, “it’s package deals all over. I can’t tell y’all who, but just know.”

Who knows what this even means, although some of Aaron Rodgers’ favorite targets — receivers Randall Cobb and Allen Lazard — do become free agents next week. So, certainly, something to ponder.

Anyway, based on the general tone of that first video, it sounds like three players just chopping it up about a Hall of Fame quarterback who they already know they will be playing with come September.

So, it’s either a telltale sign that the two sides are on the cusp of making the trade happen or just another classic example of Sauce’s unwavering confidence, which seems to be getting contagious among his teammates.

While Rodgers has always gotten a ton of vocal respect from players around the NFL for years now, it’s not obvious he’s ever been shown this type of outward adoration from other players. Since it’s inevitable he will probably see the videos in some shape or form, you can’t help but think that Rodgers would be enamored with this week-long lovefest that’s been on display by the Jets’ uberly talented young trio.

What might be funniest of all in addition to the blatant, unapologetic way they have expressed a deep desire to play with Aaron Rodgers is how it almost feels as though the Jets never even drafted quarterback Zach Wilson.

Not sure we have ever seen a 23-year-old QB who was taken No. 2 overall in the NFL Draft become a complete and total afterthought so quickly and without hesitation.

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If for whatever reason Rodgers does not end up with the Jets, head coach Robert Saleh better have a backup plan in place for what would be quite the awkward locker room setting. Then again, Saleh was among the many — from owner Woody Johnson to general manager Joe Douglas — who hopped on Johnson’s private jet to meet with Rodgers in California.

His chips are already sitting at the center of the table right next to Sauce’s stack.

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