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San Francisco 49ers schedule: Kyle Shanahan’s team enters offseason aiming to get healthy

San Francisco 49ers schedule: Offseason

Another incredible San Francisco 49ers season has come to a close. The 2022-23 season was one that featured plenty of adversity for coach Kyle Shanahan’s team, where starting QB Trey Lance’s season was lost just moments into his second game. Jimmy Garoppolo righted the ship, leading a 7-3 record, before seventh-round rookie Brock Purdy capped off the regular season by winning five in a row.

Entering the postseason with their third-string quarterback, but also the best defense in football, the 49ers dominated their NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks by 18 points and then limited the Dallas Cowboys to just 282 yards to reach the NFC Championship.

Injuries ultimately ruined their chances to advance, with Purdy suffering an elbow injury, leading to fourth-string QB Josh Johnson getting a chance. But Johnson’s concussion led to Purdy’s return, yet his elbow issue prevented him from making any throws. The biggest question now is who will be under center in 2023 in San Francisco to start the season.

San Francisco 49ers roster outlook

  • QB — Brock Purdy, Trey Lance
  • RB — Christian McCaffrey, Elijah Mitchell, Tyrion Davis-Price, Jordan Mason
  • FB — Kyle Juszczyk
  • TE — George Kittle, Ross Dwelley, Charlie Woerner
  • WR — Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, Jauan Jennings, Danny Gray, Ray-Ray McCloud

The San Francisco 49ers find themselves in an interesting situation now that QB1 Trey Lance is lost for the remainder of the season due to a broken ankle. Jimmy Garoppolo now takes over under center after he surprisingly returned to the 49ers on a restructured deal during the offseason.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan and Co. still have one of the most-talented rosters in the NFL. On offense, it’s going to be all about whether Garoppolo can take the keys from Lance with the vast amount of weapons this unit still boasts. The addition of All-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey adds another layer to this.

Defensively, there’s a lot to like about this unit. Nick Bosa, Fred Warner, and Jimmie Ward headline the three levels with a nice mix of youngsters. This should be one of the best defenses in the NFL in 2022.

San Francisco 49ers schedule: Season results

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 — San Francisco 49ers lose to Chicago Bears, 19-10

DateOpponentTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Sep 11Bears 19, 49ers 101:00 PM FOX
  • 49ers @ Bears point spread: San Francisco -6.5
  • Sportsnaut prediction: 49ers 27, Bears 17

Week 2 — 49ers crush Seattle Seahawks 27-7

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sunday, Sep. 1849ers 27, Seahawks 74:05 PM FOX
  • Seahawks @ 49ers point spread: 49ers -8.5
  • Prediction: 49ers 28, Seahawks 17

Week 3: 49ers stumble in boring loss to Broncos, 11-10

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sunday, Sep. 25Broncos 11, 49ers 108:20 PM NBC
  • 49ers @ Broncos point spread: 49ers +2.5
  • Sportsnaut’s prediction: Broncos 31, 49ers 23

Week 4 — San Francisco 49ers defeat the Los Angeles Rams, 24-9

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Monday, Oct. 349ers 24, Rams 98:15 PM ESPN

Week 5 — San Francisco 49ers blast Carolina Panthers, 37-15

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sunday, Oct. 949ers 37, Panthers 154:05 PM CbS
  • Point spread: 49ers -6.5
  • Prediction: 49ers 27, Panthers 10

Week 6 — San Francisco 49ers lose to the Atlanta Falcons, 28-14

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sunday, Oct. 16Falcons 28, 49ers 141:00 PM FOX
  • Point spread: -6.5
  • Prediction: 49ers 35, Falcons 17

Week 7 — San Francisco 49ers smashed by Chiefs, 44-23

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sunday, Oct. 23Chiefs 44, 49ers 234:25 PM FOX
  • Point spread: Chiefs -1.5
  • Prediction: Chiefs 31, 49ers 21

Week 8 — San Francisco 49ers pound Rams, 31-14

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sunday, Oct. 3049ers 31, Rams 144:25 PM FOX

Week 10 — San Francisco 49ers slow down Chargers for 22-16 win

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sunday, Nov. 1349ers 22, Chargers 168:20 PM NBC
  • Chargers @ 49ers point spread: San Francisco -3.5
  • Prediction: 49ers 27, Chargers 24

Week 11: San Francisco 49ers destroy Arizona Cardinals in 38-10 win

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Monday, Nov. 2149ers 38, Cardinals 108:15 PM ESPN
Located at Estadio Azteca, in Mexico City
  • 49ers @ Cardinals point spread: San Francisco -8.5
  • Prediction: 49ers 27, Cardinals 17

Week 12 — San Francisco 49ers shutout New Orleans Saints, 13-0

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sunday, Nov. 2749ers 13, Saints 04:25 PM FOX
  • 49ers vs Saints point spread: 49ers -8.5
  • Prediction: 49ers 27, Saints 16

Week 13 — San Francisco 49ers beat the Miami Dolphins, 33-17

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sunday, Dec. 449ers 33, Dolphins 174:05 PM FOX
  • Point spread: 49ers -4.5
  • Prediction: 49ers 24, Dolphins 20

Week 14 — San Francisco 49ers beat Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 35-7

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sunday, Dec. 1149ers 35, Buccaneers 74:25 PM FOX
  • Prediction: 49ers 27, Buccaneers 14

Week 15 — San Francisco 49ers beat Seattle Seahawks, 21-13

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Thursday, Dec. 1549ers 21, Seahawks 138:15 PM Prime Video
  • Prediction: 49ers 30, Seahawks 14

Week 16: San Francisco 49ers beat Washington Commanders, 37-20

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Saturday, Dec. 2449ers 37, Commanders 204:05 PM CBS
  • Prediction: 49ers 31, Commanders 16

Week 17: San Francisco 49ers lead thrilling win over Las Vegas Raiders

DateGameTime (ET)TV INFO
Sunday, Jan. 149ers 37, Raiders 34 (OT)4:05 PM FOX
  • Prediction: 49ers 27, Raiders 24

Week 18: San Francisco 49ers pummel Cardinals 38-13

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sun, Jan. 849ers 38, Cardinals 134:25 PMFOX
  • Prediction: 49ers 27, Cardinals 20

Wild Card: San Francisco 49ers continue dominance with win over Seahawks

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sat. Jan. 1449ers 41, Seahawks 234:30 PMFOX
  • Prediction: 49ers 24, Seahawks 17

Divisional Round: San Francisco 49ers eliminate Dallas Cowboys again

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sun. Jan. 2249ers 19, Cowboys 126 PMFOX
  • Prediction: 49ers 24, Cowboys 17

NFC Championship: San Francisco 49ers’ injury issues end exciting season

DateGameTime (ET)TV Info
Sun. Jan. 29Eagles 31, 49ers 73 PMFOX
  • Prediction: 49ers 24, Eagles 21

2022-2023 San Francisco 49ers record: 13-4

San Francisco 49ers schedule, predictions
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