San Diego voters reject Chargers’ stadium measure

Courtesy of Thomas Shea, USA Today Sports

The San Diego Chargers are now one step closer to joining the Rams in Los Angeles. As expected, the ballot measure asking whether public funds should be used to finance a new stadium in San Diego failed overwhelmingly.

The Chargers were behind the proverbial eight ball here all along. Once a judge ruled that the team needed a two-thirds majority to pass the measure, it became increasingly obvious that they were in the midst of an uphill battle.

This is only magnified in a state where political red tape had in the past stunted multiple opportunities for the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers and these very same Chargers to get new stadiums erected.

With the sound defeat during Tuesday’s election, it is becoming increasingly likely the Chargers will head to Inglewood to join the Rams in their soon-to-be built state of the art venue. The Chargers have until January to exercise an opt-in clause to join the Rams.