Saints’ Michael Thomas puts NFL Media’s Mike Mayock on blast

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Media draft guru Mike Mayock found himself in the news this week by comparing Baker Mayfield to Johnny Manziel as quarterbacks. It’s a comparison that really doesn’t hold much ground. It also comes with those in the old school way of thinking showing themselves to be behind in the times.

Hall of Fame executive Bill Polian going out there and saying Lamar Jackson should play wide receiver is the latest example of this (more on that here).

Well, star New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas is chiming on this conversation. Not only that, he’s here to throw a tremendous about of shade in the direction of Mr. Mayock. The issue stems from Mayock having Thomas tied for the No. 5 spot among wide receivers heading into the 2016 NFL Draft. And Thomas didn’t hold back.

Grandstanding aside, Thomas is in no way wrong here. The former Ohio State receiver has put up 196 receptions for 2,382 yards and 14 touchdowns in two seasons. To compare for a second, the four receivers Mayock had higher than Thomas on his big board have combined for 189 receptions and less than 200 more yards than Thomas himself has put up.

Sure players will take their pre-draft rankings to create a chip on their shoulders. They should. But they shouldn’t be so personally invested unless it impacts their draft standing. As it relates to Thomas, he was in fact the sixth receiver off the board in 2016. Two years later, and that seems a bit absurd.