Saints LB Junior Galette Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge

A pretty disturbing string of events allegedly occurred Monday morning surrounding New Orleans Saints linebacker Junior Galette.

According to the Times-Picayune, the veteran pass rusher was arrested on simply battery involving domestic after an acquaintance told that she was attacked by Galette and another man, Terrance Banks.

Junior and Terrance jumped me,” the woman told investigators when they were dispatched to a home in the 4400 block of Rue de la Harbor about 8:52 a.m., McGregor said.

The victim told police she had spent the night at Galette’s residence and tried to rouse him in the morning to get money for a cab. Galette woke up his cousin and told him to take care of it. But both men then told the woman they weren’t giving her any money and ordered her out of the house.

The three began arguing. The woman said Galette pushed her twice in an attempt to get her to leave the house.

“Then, I fell down,” she told police, “Then they both was on me, and I couldn’t breathe.”

The woman said she tried to fight both men, but couldn’t. Galette is then accused of picking up the woman to put her out. The woman said she grabbed a knife to defend herself because she believed the two men were going to “jump her,” according to McGregor.

The women threw down the knife, and Banks picked her up and put her outside with all of her belongings, McGregor said.

McGregor also indicated that the authorities had possession of Galette’s cell phone, which the alleged victim indicated he used to record videos of the trio the night before. They are still attempting to acquire a search warrant to check the contents of the phone.

Galette reportedly disputed the woman’s account.

The New Orleans Saints said that they were aware of the arrest and are “collecting information.”

Photo: Times-Picayune