Ryan Shazier fined nearly $25K for illegal hit on DeShone Kizer

Ryan Shazier
Courtesy of USA Today Images

The NFL has imposed a significant fine on Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier for a hit he laid on Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer in Week 1.

Shazier told reporters on Friday that he’ll be appealing the $24,309 fine levied against him by the league, per ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler. Shazier said he didn’t know Kizer was going to slide when he launched into him.

Judge for yourselves whether that statement holds water or not.


It seems like Shazier didn’t really do anything to ease up on Kizer, even after it was clear he was sliding, to the eye of this scribe. In fact, he speared him right in the midsection with the crown of his helmet.

Because of that, it seems unlikely Kizer will win his appeal, especially now the NFL is so proactive about punishing hits on defenseless players.

Kizer and the Browns nearly pulled off an upset win in Week 1 over their AFC North rivals. They’ll get another chance to do so on the final day of 2017, when they’ll be at Heinz Field for the final game of the season on December 31.