Ryan Mallett missed Houston Texans charter flight to Miami for Dolphins game

Courtesy of USA Today Sports

Ryan Mallett missed the Houston Texans charter flight to Miami for the team’s upcoming game against the Dolphins.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle passed this information along, intimating¬†head coach Bill O’Brien would likely not be too pleased about it.¬†McClain had more to say about the situation, noting O’Brien would likely cut Mallett if not for the fact that the team has nobody else to back up Brian Hoyer.

Remember, this is the same guy who missed practice in late August because he overslept.

The details of why Mallett missed the flight are not yet known, but given his track record of immaturity and irresponsibility one can safely assume it wasn’t because of a planned event.

Mallett needs to grow up fast, or he’ll soon find himself out of a job on a permanent basis as it relates to an NFL career. Showing up to work on time is a basic job requirement, and he has failed to live up to this requirement twice now in a short amount of time.