Ryan Fitzpatrick benched for Jameis Winston after third INT

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are just a train wreck every weekend these days. On Sunday, a week after an awful showing against Washington, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions against the New York Giants and was benched for Jameis Winston.

This is the worst possible scenario for the Bucs. Winston’s time as the starter and potential franchise passer is clearly at an end. The team had a very good reason to sit him back down on the bench after he threw 10 interceptions in just four games.

But Fitzpatrick’s awful play the past two weekends has forced Tampa Bay’s hand here. But really, it’s just grasping at straws. The Bucs cannot get any positive momentum going this year, and at this point it’s clear the team needs to rebuild from the ground up with a new coaching staff, and a new quarterback.