Russell Wilson: ‘I definitely want to play until my mid-40s’

Quarterbacks vowing to play into their 40’s seems to be the trend around the NFL over the past few years. The latest quarterback offering to grace us with his presence into his mid-40s is Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson.

“I definitely wanna play until my mid-40s,” Wilson said, via Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. “I think it’s something that I’ve been very passionate about, and taking care of my health and really trying to dive into the longevity now. . . . For me it’s an everyday process. I have a full-time trainer, Decker Davis, I have a full-time chef as well, Chef Andrea, and I have a full time [physical therapist] and massage person. . . . I’m constantly getting work and getting stretched so that way my body and be super mobile and can maneuver really well.”

When it comes to some NFL quarterbacks, 40 seems to be the new 30. This is at least the case for a couple of the league’s oldest quarterbacks who are playing as well as guys that are 10 years younger.

In Wilson’s case, he is practicing all of the right things to ensure he stays in top health — nutritionally, physically and mentally.

We know New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady religiously adheres to a strict health and dietary regimen. He doesn’t look a day over 30 when he takes the field.

Right now, Wilson is in his prime. He has yet to miss a game and has toughed it out through various minor injuries. Wilson is one of the most physical quarterbacks in the league and it often seems as if he carries the offense on his shoulders.

When it comes to his loyalty to Seattle, Wilson shared this.

“I hope I never have to play for anybody other than the Seattle Seahawks. I think that reality is in professional sports things change and times change and coaches and people and everything else. . . . One of my dreams is to have always played for the same team for a really, really long time and my whole entire career.”

Every year since Wilson was drafted in 2012, the Seahawks have made the postseason. If the Super Bowl champ keeps up his high level of performance, there is not much to suggest that Wilson’s dream of retiring as a Seahawk won’t come true.