Russell Wilson ‘fired up’ to play until he’s 45

Bruce Kluckhohn, USA Today Sports

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson turned 30 last November, but he feels like his career is just starting to take flight. Rather than seeing it as halfway over already, he wants to double up on the seven seasons he’s played through so far.

Speaking with NFL.com’s Michael Silver, Wilson opened up about his future plans.

“Seven years has gone by so fast,” Wilson said. “You think about just turning 30 years and what I have for the rest of my career — for the next 10-15 years — I’m just fired up about it. You think about some of the best quarterbacks of all time, guys like Drew (Brees), guys like Tom (Brady), who (are playing into their 40s). I really look up to those guys. There’s so much more to do.”

When Silver asked specifically if that meant Wilson wants to play until he’s 45, the quarterback replied, “Yeah, yeah. That’s the goal. I’m just fired up for it.”

Wilson has stated a similar goal before and truly believes he can do it it. He also recently voiced a lofty goal that might just necessitate such a long career to accomplish.

Seattle has invested plenty into Wilson as the unquestioned face of the franchise, agreeing on a contract that made him the richest man in NFL history.

So far in his career, he has proved worthy of that deal. Already having won a Super Bowl, Wilson has never missed a single start while showing himself to be one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in modern league history with 196 touchdowns and just 63 interceptions in his first seven seasons.