Russell Wilson couldn’t talk, was on liquid diet for days due to nearly broken jaw

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

You know that hit that Russell Wilson took on Thursday night last week? The one that sparked the entire investigation into whether the Seattle Seahawks followed the NFL’s concussion protocol or not?

Well, that hit ended up nearly breaking Wilson’s jaw. He needed to have doctors re-set the jaw, couldn’t talk, and was on a liquid diet for days afterwards.

He said the doctor said he would need his jaw wired shut if he had been hit any harder.

Wilson did pop into the medical tent right after the play that nearly broke his jaw but popped right back out, which is what sparked the investigation in the first place.

He said he wore what was like a splint on his jaw for a few days afterwards.

One the one hand we continue to marvel at Wilson’s toughness. He played the rest of that game with what must have been an agonizing injury and helped win it in the end. He also posted a hilarious video about the hit after the game (watch here).

On the other hand, we wonder if the Seahawks will ever truly do enough to protect this young passer, who is the best in the business at avoiding pressure but continues to be hit more than any other quarterback in the league.