Russell Wilson Insists Desire to Play Baseball is not a Ploy

Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson, who was once reported to eventually become the NFL’s richest quarterback, now finds his contract negotiations at a stalemate due to both parties’ inability to come to terms.

Ever since the Seattle lost the Super Bowl and the offseason started, it appears that the team has been dragging its feet in an attempt to take care the star quarterback.

In the meantime, Wilson, who seems to remain positive that everything will work out regarding his big payday, has also seriously began contemplating playing baseball in addition to playing in the NFL. Wilson used to play minor league baseball and has spent two consecutive spring training stints with the Texas Rangers.

Since March, rumors have been surfacing that perhaps Wilson is trying to force Seattle’s hand by making it think he is serious about playing baseball. In an interview with NFL Media’s Dan Hellie, Wilson set the record straight about both sports (via

I’ll tell you this, it would be very hard, it would be very hard. But I believe if anybody could do it, I could do it. I played two sports my whole life. I think it’s funny when people think that the whole baseball thing is kind of a ploy or whatever.

For me, I’ve played baseball since I was three years old. I’ve loved the game since I was a young kid, so for me, I’ve loved both sports. It was my dad’s dream and it was my dream. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but I’ll tell you this, I won’t give up football.

There we have it. Wilson is pouring his heart and soul out for all to believe that he can handle playing both sports. He also claims he is not trying to use baseball as leverage to speed up extension negotiations with Seattle.

However, Wilson’s strong desire to play both sports could also be the stumbling block for the Seahawks. Why not let Wilson, who wants to burn the candle at both ends, wear out his rookie contract, then place a franchise tag on him come 2016? This presents far less risk to Seattle should Wilson actually take on a second full-time job.

Photo: USA Today Sports