Russell Okung passionately argues NFL players deserve fully guaranteed contracts

NBA free agents are currently raking in massive, fully guaranteed contracts now that free agency is in full swing.

No doubt, this gets under the skin of some NFL stars, many of whom have signed big deals but have nowhere near the kind of financial security as NBA players, due to the fact their contracts contain far less guarantees.

One such player has opened up about his thoughts on the matter. Russell Okung, who has been his own agent in the NFL since 2015, took to Twitter Tuesday in a lengthy thread passionately advocating that NFL players deserve guaranteed deals.

Here are some of the highlights.

As Okung notes, Kirk Cousins did land a fully guaranteed contract this past year. But that deal was utterly groundbreaking, and he’s a special case as a quarterback in a league that treats his position differently than all others.

Okung goes on to advocate for a brand new CBA that doesn’t rely on antiquated revenue accounting and noted that salary caps don’t help players. Then he elaborated on how the salary cap hurts players.

All in all, Okung makes very salient points here. The big question we don’t yet have the answer to is whether his peers and the NFLPA have the conviction and determination to accept a potential loss of revenue in the short term (due to a strike) in order to affect real change on this front.

Based on what some other high-profile players have said in the recent past, there’s at least a reasonable percentage of like-minded players who would be on board with such a move.