Roger Staubach Compares Current Cowboys to the 1990’s Version

By Rachel Wold

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach was in attendance at a charity flag football event with other former Cowboys greats when he spoke about the team’s successful 2014 season.

Hardly containing his excitement, the Hall of Fame quarterback had a pretty interesting comparison to draw between this team and older versions of the Cowboys (via team’s official website):

“Oh yeah, there’s no question about it. In the ’90s, it was a lot of fun to go to work every day, watching the Cowboys win. Now, it looks like we’re headed there again. It makes a big difference.”

Even when Tony Romo was considered an enigmatic figure in Dallas, Staubach supported the quarterback. As for his recent comments, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback did indicate that Romo and the Cowboys are going to be under a ton more pressure following a successful 2014 campaign.

Further reminiscing about Dallas from the 1990’s, Staubach continued:

“You love the Cowboys or you really don’t like the Cowboys. I think they’re followed all over the country and even when we’re having a rough time, people are still following the Cowboys,” Staubach said. “I think it goes back to the man in the hat standing on the sidelines with his arms crossed. Coach Landry won for 20 straight years, Troy Aikman and Jerry’s teams in the ’90s. We’ve been in the thick of it. Hopefully we’re back in the thick of it again.”

Talk about pressure to perform. Between 1990 and 1999, there were only two seasons the Cowboys did not make it to a playoff game. Additionally, they won the Super Bowl in 1992, 1993 and 1995 with the Triplets. Romo and his boys had better starting winning in January if Staubach’s comparison is going to come true.

Photo: Dallas Morning News