Roger Goodell releases statement on sports betting

Courtesy of Matthew Emmons, USA Today Sports

Professional sports leagues are now bracing for a future with legalized betting on their games, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has provided an official response.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media shared Goodell’s statement, which includes a listing of four core principles.

Goodell previously said the NFL is prepared for legalized gambling, and the league’s initial response called on Congress to enact a regulatory framework.

The Supreme Court’s ruling afforded states the ability to determine whether betting on sports would be legal. The decision will likely result in a substantial increase of money in the NFL, though the concern of corruption is realistic.

Legalized sports gambling appears inevitable, so the league is asking for federal oversight and working to ensure the integrity of its game is protected.

Oh, and the NFL wants a cut of the money. That’s always important to the league, too.