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Roger Goodell: NFL Europe division ‘very unlikely’ any time soon

The NFL just wrapped up another successful game overseason, with over 69,000 spectators on hand to take in Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dismantle Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks. There have been four games played in Europe this season, and one is scheduled for Mexico next Sunday.

Last spring, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell revealed the league would be playing four games between 2022 and 2025 in Germany, with two coming in Munich and two more in Frankfurt. What’s more, is that there’s even been speculation that we could someday have an NFL Europe division consisting of four teams who operate outside of state lines.

NFL Europe division still at least a few years away

Except, those hoping or expecting the NFL to add another division, this one being overseas, is “very unlikely” to happen any time soon, according to commissioner Goodell. But he did still suggest he “wouldn’t be surprised to expand” beyond the four games currently scheduled to take place in Germany over the next four seasons.

Speculation has pointed to Kansas City and New England possibly serving as a “host” for a game apiece in Germany, but an entire division getting developed is an entirely different story.

The NFL has a tough enough time trying to convince teams to play overseas, thanks to the additional travel complications. But there’s also a lot of pushback from teams who have a strong following at their home stadiums, with organizations like the Green Bay Packers not willing to give up any home games at Lambeau Field, as fans are already on a waiting list just to get season tickets.

However, having a new set of teams that has their home bases located at various locations throughout Europe could work much better. Still, as Goodell alludes to, don’t expect such monumental changes any time soon.

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