Roger Goodell could be deposed over controversial no-call

If Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL thought last season’s horrible no-call in the NFC Championship Game was behind them, they might be sorely mistaken.

Big-time New Orleans Saints fan and attorney, Tony LeMon, has filed multiple lawsuits against the NFL stemming from his team’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

A ruling in one of those lawsuits could now mean that Mr. Goodell will be deposed in a court of law.

Orleans Civil District Court Judge Nicole Sheppard ruled in favor of LeMon, granting his permission for discovery in the suit. She also refused to throw out the case, meaning that Goodell could be in court as the defendant in the suit.

“NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is named as a defendant and provided the ruling is not overturned on appeal, that could mean he’ll be deposed,” Sara Pagones of Nola.com reported.

This is one of a number of lawsuits that have been filed since a pass interference against Los Angeles late in the conference championship game went uncalled. For many, it led directly to the Rams making it to the Super Bowl over New Orleans.

Other earlier lawsuits attempted to get the outcome of the game overturned. That obviously never came to fruition.

What comes of this case remains to be seen. But if Goodell is indeed deposed, it will add another layer to the drawn-out drama.