Roger Goodell announces partnership with Twitter to stream Thursday Night Football

Courtesy of USA Today Sports

The NFL and Twitter have partnered up to stream 10 Thursday Night Football games globally, meaning fans across the world can watch the games for free on the social media platform.

This is a huge development, and it will help to realize the NFL’s vision of world-wide influence and reach.

Anyone with an Internet connection, a cell phone, tablet or computer should be able to enjoy these games, provided they have a Twitter account.

Twitter was competing with “several companies” for this opportunity, per

The NFL is often criticized (rightly) for many things, including the way it has handled player safety, player discipline and domestic violence issues. However, when it comes to growing the brand, there can be no doubt that Goodell’s tenure has been a success.

Partnering with Twitter to broadcast games globally — for free — will only serve to further his legacy in this department.