Rod Woodson annihilates Raiders for recent personnel moves

Rod Woodson

The Oakland Raiders have been busy since the end of the 2017 NFL season. This would include the organization making many personnel changes, starting at the top with the hiring of new head coach Jon Gruden.

Outside of adding Gruden, some firings came about. One of those would be the recent firing of former Oakland Raiders cornerbacks coach and Hall of Famer, Rod Woodson.

Understandably salty, Woodson unleashed his fury on Gruden for some of the team’s offseason moves. This would include the release of Michael Crabtree, whom Woodson thinks is better than Jordy Nelson. He also was not too impressed by the Doug Martin signing and he said quarterback Derek Carr is no Aaron Rodgers.

But, Woodson did not stop there. He also ripped on Gruden for the fact that he had only a 53 percent win record when in Oakland. And, don’t get even get Woodson started on the $100 million for 10 years that Gruden signed on for with the Raiders.

He said he did not want to sound like a “scorned lover,” but Woodson was not shy to voice his opinions. And, he has every right to do so.

The former coach, and Raiders defensive back from 2002-03 is not alone in his beefs. Many folks out there surely are questioning Gruden’s inflated contract and whether Nelson and Martin were wise signings.

Soon enough, we will all find out if the Raiders’ grand plan pays off or ends up becoming a dumpster fire.