Robert Kraft sees Bill Belichick and Tom Brady staying together for foreseeable future

There’s been a lot of chatter the past month or so that the New England Patriots could see their dynasty fall as rumors of discontent between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have surfaced. Owner Robert Kraft, who’s been vocally supportive of both men, doesn’t see things playing out that way.

In fact, he thinks the gang will continue to flourish for the foreseeable future, with a caveat.

This report by Ian Rapoport falls in line with what we wrote about recently, which is that Kraft, Brady and Belichick will all come together after their season is concluded to have a meeting and clear the air. They’re reportedly going to let it all hang out as a means to facilitate continued prosperity, which would certainly necessitate egos being checked at the door.

Given the amount of stuff we’ve seen coming from the local media in Boston and the national media as a whole about brewing issues that could potentially become problems, it’s clear there are issues these guys need to work out. However, given the way they’ve worked together for so long, constantly tuning out outside negativity while winning titles, we’d be shocked if they didn’t power through this latest challenge without any long-term ill effects.

New England will take on Jacksonville Sunday for the chance to compete in the Super Bowl for a record 10th time. The Patriots have won five titles with Belichick and Brady working together. For what it’s worth, this scribe believes they’ll win at least one more before their time is up.