Rob Gronkowski on trade rumors: ‘Hashtag fake news’

The NFL world went into heart palpitations for a while on Friday when a rumor emerged that the New England Patriots were looking into trading Rob Gronkowski.

The team patently denied any truth to the rumor, and apparently Gronk believes the Patriots on this front.

When he was asked about it on Saturday at a youth football camp he hosted, Gronkowski replied, “It just shows how much fakes news is out there. Hashtag fake news that’s all I know. It’s true. It exists. See it all the time about me. It’s wild,” per CBS Boston.

Gronkowski also seemed to poo-poo the idea that Tom Brady threatened to retire if the Patriots had traded his tight end.

“What a nice guy. He is,” Gronkowski said lightheartedly about the Brady rumor, per CBS Boston. “But I haven’t talked to him. I didn’t even know about it until last night. Fake news.”

Well, there you have it.

Seems like there’s a lot of that going on these days around the Patriots, who just cannot stay out of the news as rumors that the dynasty is crumbling continue to reverberate around water coolers.