Rob Gronkowski offers legendary quote about great white sharks

By Jesse Reed

Rob Gronkowski has some pretty unique ideas about what to do regarding the multiple recent shark sightings off Cape Cod.

Not just any old sharks, mind you, but great white sharks.

So what would Gronk do?

“I heard there’s some great whites out there,” Gronkowski said, per Nora Princiotti of the Boston Globe. I haven’t seen any great whites yet. They don’t know me yet. I only swam with tigers. So, maybe I’ll go say hi to my friends.”


Those “tigers” Gronkowski refers to aren’t of the striped variety. Here’s a picture of the New England Patriots tight end swimming with tiger sharks for “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel.

We do wonder, however, what kind of injury clauses Gronk has in his contract with the Patriots, and what Bill Belichick might have to say about all this.