Rob Gronkowski on contract: ‘That’s not on my mind’

By Rachel Wold

When New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski posted a tweet this past March, it appeared that he might be unhappy regarding his contract status.

The Patriots picked up Gronk’s contract option that essentially will pay him $2.25 in base salary for 2016. He earned $4.75 million in base in 2015 so we can see why he might be a bit bent.

After resuming offseason workouts, Gronk shed a little light on that tweet when asked if he had any issues with his contract, per Alysha Tsuji of USA Today.

“No, that’s not on my mind at all. I started offseason workouts yesterday. It just feels great to be back with the team working out, getting back in football shape and getting prepared for the season.”

Under the option, Gronk will be set to earn $4.25 million in 2017 then his base jumps to $8 million for 2018. The final year of the option would pay $9 million for 2019.

The tight end could certainly command more guaranteed money considering the grand deals Travis Kelce, Jimmy Graham and Julius Thomas agreed to in 2015 and 2016. Though because of Gronk’s injury risk, his contract offers only 23.93 percent in guaranteed money.

Either way, it doesn’t appear Gronk plans to raise any fuss. After all, he has stated in the past that he hasn’t touched a dime of his NFL money.

Endorsements, books and other miscellaneous means of income keep Gronk vacationing in style and the bills paid.