Rob Gronkowski and His Brothers to Appear on “Family Feud”

By Rachel Wold

New England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski and his family are reportedly going to film an episode of Family Feud this upcoming weekend.

Gronk’s brother Chris, a former NFL fullback, broke the news during a radio spot on Tuesday. There are no reports yet as to when the episode will air. Whether the family arrives via Gronk’s party bus remains to be seen. That could certainly create a whole other social event in and of itself, especially if the show’s host, Steve Harvey, is seen partying it up with the boys of the family.

Besides mentioning Family Feud, Chris spent a lot of the radio interview talking about sword fighting with his brothers while waiting for the bathroom. Too much information, Chris.

Something tells me things could get pretty wild when the brothers gather to film their episode. And if they win the fast money round, watch out for Gronk and his brothers to break out their twerking and other hot dance moves. Maybe the guys could teach Harvey a move or two.

Photo: Elite Daily