Richie Incognito polls Twitter followers: ‘Do you hate me?

Responding to an article by Sporting News in which the 40 most hated NFL players in history are the subject, Richie Incognito was disappointed to find out he was only ranked No. 17 on the list.

He then prompted his Twitter followers (some 92,200-plus) with a poll that asked the question, “Do you hate me?”

Most of his followers don’t hate Incognito. But, to be fair, they probably aren’t exactly the best folks to be answering the question. After all, they likely follow him because they’re Buffalo Bills fans or because they like his take on life, football and everything in between.

Maybe Jonathan Martin should ask his followers if they hate Incognito. That would probably look a whole lot different.

So, America, do you hate Richie Incognito?